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Friday, February 17, 2012

Dream Vacation

I'm totally loving today's Friday's Fancies, since we were given the idea to create an outfit to wear on our dream vacation. How awesome is that!?! Greece is a place I've been longing to visit and if things go as planned 2013 is looking kinda adventurous for me, my husband and my mom. My mom has been looking forward to plan a vacation with us and we both agreed that Greece is the place to go!

What I'll love to rock in Greece

Greece Vacation

Thank you again {AV} for another fun and amazing Friday's Fancies. 


  1. Been to Greece and it's A.MAZING! Love the outfit you picked, esp. the skirt and clutch! x

  2. love love love this outfit.

    i have been dreaming of a vacation to greece for years. and it is finally on the schedule for 2013. and this outfit is perfect.

    all i need is a tan...and money.


    1. LOL... Me too! I'll be doing a whole lot of saving this year to prepare for that trip.

  3. AHHH! I would LOVE to go to Greece! And that outfit is DIVINE!!!

    BTW- so glad to have found your blog! New follower

  4. The shoes are amazing! I'd love to go to Greece some day :)

    Laura xo